About Us

Founded in 1972 by a highly motivated and dedicated team of engineers our primary aim is to deliver excellent customer service at affordable prices.

We pride ourselves on completing all projects on time, within budget and never leaving a problem unresolved, or a customer waiting. This quality of service has made us the first choice for our customers.

Our expertise in Booster Sets and Pressurisation Units is second to none, and together with our sister company AquaTech Pressmain we are regarded as the leading experts in our field.

Together we have developed a multitude of innovative designs and solutions, which have been copied, but never exceeded by others and are now industry standards such as but not limited to:

  • Pressure surge technology on water booster start up
  • Micro size pressurisation units where space is at a premium
  • Microprocessor controlled pressurisation units and water booster pump sets.
  • Advanced Spill technology on pressurisations
  • Introduction of sealed expansion vessels on Domestic Hot Water calorifiers.