At AGM we can provide surveys for Scheduled Maintenance Contracts (SMC), Repairs and Installation, Water Hygiene and Waste Water Services.

Energy and water consumption audits

Over the past few years there has been a tendency to install oversized water booster pump systems. This over sizing has dramatic cost implications in terms of the pipes sizes, electrical supply and storage capacity. Resulting in both installation and ongoing maintenance issues, which may lead to high rates of wear and unreliable equipment operation. This, coupled with high and wasteful energy costs, may harm the environment.

energy1We have long recognised these issues, and together with AquaTech Pressmain we have developed an energy and water consumption audit, to establish just how much water is used, and how we can save customers money with more efficient and reliable equipment.

Pressure System Safety Regulations 2000

The expansion and pressure vessels associated with pressurisation units and water booster sets fall within the scope of the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Our maintenance schedules are designed to fulfil the requirements of the regulations and keep our clients compliant.

We are unique in the fact that we include the statutory requirement for pressure vessel examinations in our maintenance regimes. With AGM we feel there is no need for separate inspectors and service contractors. Thus saving customers time and money, with the added benefit that the examiner really understands the system.

Our services include in addition to routine maintenance

  • Written Schemes of Examination
  • Thorough Examination of pressure vessels and associated protective devices.

Technical Support is provided by a team of qualified engineers with a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge of the systems under examination.