Clean drinking water, food and education for children in Uganda

Aquatronic Group Management Service Engineers install equipment to guarantee clean drinking water, food and education for children in remote Uganda.

During their successful trip to install a pump for a well and solar panels at a school last year, our adventurous AGM Service Engineers Melvin and Phil conducted surveys in order to prepare for another two projects next Spring.

At a farm they are hoping to install a small solar well for land irrigation so they can grow maze and in a remote village where most of the children are orphans, they plan to install a solar pump and water storage tanks. Hopefully this will ensure a regular, safe, close water supply and the infrastructure to start another school.

The project to supply these fundamental life needs is co-ordinated by The Beacon Fellowship in Loughborough. Melvin and Phil have been only too happy to give their time and expertise and Aquatronic Group Management Plc are delighted to support them by donating equipment.