COVID-19 Management Plan for Continuation of Service Engineers’ Site Work.

This communication is to confirm our current position, precautions and actions being taken, and services that we are continuing to provide.

At Aquatronic Group Management Ltd., we are reviewing on a daily basis the changes in this unprecedented and evolving situation, taking and revising appropriate action in all parts of our business to comply with Government and NHS Guidance and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our colleagues, customers, partners and the communities we serve.

With regard to our provision of Service Work on Customers’ premises, we would advise as follows:

As providers of all types of water utility Services, including water supply and hygiene control schemes, waste water pumping equipment, as well as some safety critical mandatory inspection work, we are classed as ‘Key Workers’. This permits us to travel, in accordance with current Government Guidelines, to and from customer premises and sites to carry out critical Maintenance, Repairs, Mandatory Safety Inspections, and Emergency Work.

Daytime contact details are unchanged, direct numbers for Service enquiries are:

Head Office, southern regions, Colchester  01206 215151

Northern & Scotland regional office, Manchester  0161 2264727

The 24/7 emergency out of hours line remains operational on 07710 161616.

AGM Pumpseal Customers, Southampton  (incl. 24/7 emergency) 02380 660122

 Our office planning and support functions: these are fully resourced, at present with approximately 20% over capacity, based on recent activity levels. (this will facilitate continuity in event of individuals self-isolation etc.) These functions are being provided by our original permanent support team members, who are now fully operational, working from home, with full remote access to our central IT systems.

We are continuing to provide maintenance and safety inspection visits in line with our existing PPM contracts, as well as repairs, and emergency work as required upon request from Customers.

Risk Assessment

We have completed, and will continue to update, our Risk Assessment addressing COVID-19 to include contamination, both transmitting and exposure, to and from our Service Engineers. The requirements arising from these RA’s are included in the attached RAMS appendix, which is a mandatory supplementary requirement to all existing or newly produced RAMS for all site work.

We are continuing, on a daily basis, to monitor and comply with the Government instructions and guidance.

04/01/2021  S Ward,    AGM Ltd. QHSE Mgr.

AGM Site Work COVID-19  RAMS Appendix

Control Measures: January 2021


This is to be read in conjunction with AGM RAMS APS001 series, covering all types of ‘standard’ Maintenance, Commissioning and Remedial works carried out by AGM Service Engineers on Customer’s sites.


Upon arrival at Customer location, Engineers must check that they will be able to maintain the recommended 2m social distancing throughout the visit. They should also check there are no persons in, or close to, the areas to be visited with symptoms of COVID-19. If either of these are negative, the SE should abort the visit and refer to the Service Office contact for further advice.


All Service Engineers must regularly wash hands for 20 seconds using Customer’s facilities if available, or use disinfectant hand wipes, or Gel, as often as possible, and every time they arrive and depart from a new Customer location.


Service Engineers must  carry out a daily COVID-19 Self Assessment. If they have any symptom of COVID-19 (as widely described on NHS / Government websites), or who have been in close contact with anyone who is a ‘confirmed COVID-19 case’ must not report for work, or attend any Customer Sites.

They must contact their AGM Service Manager, who will refer to the current published guidance, seek advice if necessary, and make necessary arrangements.

This notification is issued as an Appendix to all AGM RAMS from now on, until further notice.

It is also issued to all Service Engineers as a ‘Standing’ Instruction.

04/01/2021  S Ward,    AGM Ltd. QHSE Mgr.